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FSW Technologies

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is an advanced solid-state joining technology. As compared to the conventional fusion welding, FSW consumes considerably less energy. Any aluminum alloy can be joined without concern for the compatibility of composition. When desirable, dissimilar aluminum alloys and composites also can be joined with equal ease.

FSW has many excellences as listed below:

Capability for welding of metal materials, such as Al, Mg, Pt, Cu, Ti, steel and metal matrix composites.

Automatic process with less energy, higher energy efficient.

No shielding gas or filler wire is required for aluminium alloys.

No pollution and radiation, environment friendliness.

Low distortion and residual stress.

Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd had successfully applies FSW technology to engineering development and industrial applications, which had made great contribution to different industrial manufacturing sectors in China, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, rolling-stock, automotive, electric power and electron etc.

FSW Process FSW Seam Appearance FSW Microstructure

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