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FSW Procedures

FSW is an advanced welding technology, which can produce welds of high quality. Joining of material such as aluminum, magnesium, lead, copper, steel, titanium, metal matrix composite material and dissimilar metal can be achieved by FSW in the form of butt joint, lap joint, butt-lap joint, butt joint between plates of unequal thickness. Beijing FSW technology co., Ltd (China FSW Center) has obtained patents for friction stir welding procedures as well as FSW tools and has developed a series of welding procedures for different metal material as illustrated in the right figure . For further information and service, please contact Technology Development Department of Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center).






For further information concerning licensing, please contact Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center)Manager Zhao:18901386835,zhaohuaxia@.
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