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Beijing FSW Technology Co, Ltd(China FSW Center)

Foundation of CFSWT

Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center), which was founded in September 2002.

Main Business

With the establishment of the biggest and most powerful technology research center, equipment development center and product manufacturing center, Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd has been committing to research and engineering applications of friction stir welding technology. Beijing FSW Technology Co. Ltd has successfully opened up the way of industrial application of FSW, and extended the FSW technology into many industries such as power electronics and shipbuilding etc.

Technical Achievements

Accomplishment of many research projects relating to the cutting-edge FSW.

Keeping abreast of the state of the art of FSW processes and novel techniques for most of metal materials such as Al, Cu, Mg, Ti etc.

Leading in development of standards and specifications for FSW process and equipment in China.

Pioneering in China for developing innovative FSW technology, such as friction stir spot welding, bobbin friction stir welding, plastic flow friction welding.

16 Chinese patents, 150 published papers .

Organization and sponsor for two International Symposiums on friction stir welding held in China.

More than 15 awards from Government and different Institutes.

Engineering Application

As a research and promotion center for friction stir welding equipment, Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd has developed series of standardized equipment, including table type, static gantry type, moving gantry type and cantilever type. Critical technologies such as pressure control, seam tracking has been developed in order to achieve the goals of higher automation and higher intelligence for modern FSW equipment. More than 100 equipment had been developed and supplied to the customers from different sectors like aerospace, aviation, train manufacturing and shipbuilding. Some products have been sold abroad, such as Singapore, Slovakia, Germany and France.

Beijing FSW Technology Co. Ltd has set up large scale manufacturing factories and long-term strategic cooperative partnership, focusing on global and long-term development in the field of engineering development and mass product manufacturing. Currently, with dozens FSW equipment and plenty of engineering techniques and experience, Beijing FSW Technology Co. Ltd would be pleased to offer our service for all of customers over the world.

China FSW Center, Address:No.2 Wuxing N.Rd.,Tongzhou District, Beijing,P.R.China, Tel:+86-10-52332781-801, Email:cfswc@
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