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FSW Equipment

Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (CFSWT), is a professional FSW company licensed by TWI.

Since its establishment, CFSWT had been committed to FSW technologies and equipments development, and had developed more than 90 FSW machines, 5 of which have been exported to foreign countries.

Equipment Features

Professional & Dedicated Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center) has committed to and pioneered FSW technology and Equipment, with multiple FIRST in China, such as the first specialized FSW technology center, the first mass production engineering center, and the first commercial FSW equipment manufacturing center.

Advanced & Intelligent FSW equipments developed by CFSWT have characteristics of advanced, reliable, integrate, numerical control, high efficient and so on, which can provide robots and other supplements for longitudinal seam welding, circular seam welding, 2-D welding, 3-D welding, spot welding and bobbin tool FSW according to the customer’s requirements.

Systematic & Serial After years experience in equipment manufacturing, Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd. (China FSW Center) had developed scientific researching machine and industrial machine classified by applications, and manufactured 3 series of FSW machines, which contain table type, gantry type and special type.

For more information about Friction Stir Welding Equipment, please contact Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center) Manager Tong:13811522730,tongjianhua@

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